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Encoder, Mux, Decoder and Demux

What is difference between a multiplexer and encoder? also What is the between demultiplexer and decoder?
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MULTIPLEXER: The device which chooses the input channels. It has several
input channels but the output signal from all these channels is sent to one
single output channel.
DE-MULTIPLEXER: The device which is chooses the output channels. It has a
single input channel but outputs the signal from this single channel to several
output channels (one channel at a time)
Decoders are essentially DeMUXes. However, encoders are not essentially MUXes.
Roughly speaking, decoders convert from binary to unary, while encoders convert
from unary to binary.
The way in which the computer data is represented is known as encoding, there
are several encoding techniques (Unipolar, Bipolar and Biphase).
Creating a video file in a special format (e.g. DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, ...) -
YouŽll need a DivX Encoder in order to be able to create DivX files and a MPEG-2
Encoder in order to be able to create MPEG-2 videos.
Opening/playing/reading/watching a file (Decoding) and making a file (Encoding)

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