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How is endeavour tool used in practical scenario?

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  • Aug 30th, 2011

Version control deals with changes made to a file. In mainframe terms, they could be the changes made to an application program, copybook, or JCL. Now these changes should be brought under control such that they are approved before they could be moved into production. The version control tools control the version by restricting access to developers to move the updated file to the production region directly. Only some people who have the access can move the files & they do that after reviewing the changes to make sure that they are in tune with the requirements gathered. Once approved, the updated file becomes the baseline to which further changes may be applied in future. The tools also help in giving info as to where & when the changes were made & by who.

Endeavor is one such version control tool. Use of GDGs is also a means of controlling the version.

We use Endevor for Source Control to ensure that we always work with the latest version of the source.

Does both source control and version control are one and the same.

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