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In Cobol, Why we have to give one blank space between program-id and program name?

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  • Aug 19th, 2010

It's not nessary to give a space after PROGRAM-ID & before program name because every COBOL statement ends with a period (.) which signifies the end of a statement. If you do not give space between PROGRAM-ID & program name then the COBOL compiler will assume space between the two statements and compile the COBOL program. All the following syntax will execute in a COBOL program:

1) PROGRAM-ID.'PROGRAM-NAME'.   --->(This will only generate a Return code of 4. But the progra will execute.)

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  • Jan 7th, 2015

That is the syntax of the language. Why do we begin English sentences with a capital letter?

That is how we are taught.

In the same way, you need a space.

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