Change Dataset Name in PROC

How will you change the dataset name in PROC without altering it?

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  • Jul 4th, 2010

You can change the dataset name in the procedure without change its name in the Proc.,  mention


by writing above code in JCL  it changes the proc DS in proc.

You can override it from the calling job. 
One way is to use a JCL override in the form of - PROCSTEP.PROCDD DD DSN=[overriding dsn name]
This is fine provided you always use the same override dataset.

Another way of overriding a dsn is to change the proc dsn to a variable.  This way you can use a "&" proc parm.  The added benefit is that enforcing a dsn is passed.  If the default is left blank and not overridden, the job will crash with DSNF.

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