Testing Vs Production Environment

How is the testing environment different from production environment?

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  • Feb 16th, 2010

On Testing environment, you will be testing the application as per the Requirements until the application gets bug free. So you will creating lots of test data as per the documents and requirements, after completion of full testing the code will be dropped on to the Production Environment.

Production Environment is nothing but the live environment where the end user is going to use the application. You will also need to Test the application on the Production Environment and it should appear as bug free application on the Test Environment. Even if you find any defects on the Production Environment you will need to raise the defects until it becomes bug free application.

If any body feels the difference pls let me know.


  • Jul 27th, 2016

My iOS App is already in live I need to check notification issues on Test environment so that I created PEM file by using same Bundle ID and uploaded that PEM file in test environment is work? or I need to replace in Production environment.

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