Recovery Scenario and On Error Resume Next

What is the difference between 'Recovery Scenario' and 'On Error Resume Next'?

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"On Error Resume Next" is used when you are sure about the step where the error can occur.

Whereas, Recovery Scenario can be used to handle unxpected event or error.

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  • Dec 27th, 2009

Recovery scenario is used when we expect errors interupt.  It is used to continue execution of the script.

On Error Resume Next is used when there is a need to handle unexpected errors.

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Recovery Scenario: When Unexpected events, errors, and application crashes during a run session can disrupt your run session and distort results.

On error Resume Next: When you want to flip the error control switch to the off position.

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  • Jul 20th, 2011

Adding to aditya_12 answer

If known errors we need to handle using line code (and code becomes lengthy) and same cannot be used in other part of script (unless made it as function)

but recovery scenarios take control if defined and perform operation and gives control back to test/action as per recovery scenario rules. Most important is this recovery scenario will take control (execute) irrespective of line number, where error occurred.

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