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Why TestCase is required?

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  • Jul 22nd, 2009

Test case is nothing but a documented version of a 'test idea'.

The reason being maintaining test case is,

-It makes the test idea person independent
-It acts as a proof of testing
-Due to high volume of test ideas, it is difficult to remember and the current status of the execution of each test idea, so the documented test case acts as a tag.
-It makes testing more organized
-Complex test ideas cannot be executed without documenting


  • Sep 14th, 2009

Test cases are written for the following reason/advantages.
1) For project documentation. 
2) Any person can execute the test cases if avilable.
3) Keep the tract of functionality tested, defect raised.
4) No need to keep in mind the test steps as the person with little amount of knowledge of application can also execute the test cases.

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