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Heat Transfer

You have two layer of material to provide insulation. They have heat transfer co-efficient (k1>k2).
How will you obtain better insulation?
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Answered On : Jun 17th, 2009

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The material which has lower thermal condutivity should be insulated first or the insulation should increase order of k to get effective insulation.

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By applying higher insulation layer at lower surface & lower at upper surface,  Q/A=K1*(dT/dX) Q/A=K2*(dT/dX)  K1(DT)1+K2DT2=Q/A*X  FOR(q/A) MAX. d(Q/A)/dX=0

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           q/a is directly proportional to k            to make less q/a less value of k requird             therefore K2 comes first

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I do have a question here, If the material of lower insulation be bounded to the first system, doesn't that result in heat loss?

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E Smardy

Answered On : Mar 22nd, 2013

I dont think you can generalise this problem - at least not for flat plane and cylindrical co-ordinates. It really depends on how much bigger k2 is relative to k1 and how big the pipe thickness is relative to the diameter.

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