Law of Thermodynamics

What is 3rd Law of Thermodynamics?

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adnan zafar

  • Oct 4th, 2011

Absolute entropy of a perfectly crystalline solid at absolute zero temperature is zero.

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  • Jun 8th, 2012

If 2 systems A & B are in equilibrium with one another , and if B and C are in equilibrium , then it can be concluded A and C are also in equilibrium with one another

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jitendra patil

  • Feb 15th, 2014

Value of absolute entropy

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Habib Khan

  • Nov 26th, 2014

When system approaches ABSOLUTE ZERO, Its ENTROPY will be minimum.

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Kingsuk Karmakar

  • Aug 2nd, 2017

The entropy of a perfectly crystalline substance at zero K or absolute zero is taken to be zero.
This law is only applicable for perfectly crystalline substance. If there is imperfection at 0 K, the will be larger then zero.

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  • Aug 3rd, 2017

At absolute 0 degree entropy of a substance is zero, as entropy is a measurement of degree of randomness.

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