Error - Insufficient records while executing transaction mix

I am doing load testing on siebel application. I am getting error saying insufficient records despite maximum records kept in the parameter file. I tried the suggestions given by HP saying delete unnecessary files like .idx and delete unnecessary files kept in c:windows... but this doesn't help. Earlier when we started the execution for 1500 users it failed after 50 users giving the above mentioned error...later after doing the HP suggestion it crosses 1000 users....but doesn't work 100 %. Please assist.

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If you have option enabled like allocate X no.of records per user at the bottom of <pramater list> window, then you will get this error if you dont have sufficient number of records in your input file.

And also in the input file your cusrosr should be in the end of the file of next new line and not at the end of the last data alone.

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