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Internet and Telephone Network Topology

Which topology is mostly used as the internet & telephone network?
Asked by: sudhir kashid | Member Since Dec-2008 | Asked on: Dec 19th, 2008

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saurabh rastogi

Answered On : Mar 25th, 2012

Bus topology is used in the networking and telephone

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Answered On : Apr 6th, 2012

Ring topology

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Answered On : Apr 15th, 2012

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There is a hybrid technology used. Most devices are connected using a star topology. but if redundancy is to be used a mesh topology is used. The backbone uses a bus topology.

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Answered On : Apr 19th, 2012

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Internet does not follow a standard topology,networks may combine topologies and connect multiple smaller networks, in effect turning several smaller networks into one larger one.

A ring topology can be used for telephone networks.

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Answered On : Mar 18th, 2013

In Internet WE mostly use Star Topology, But Mesh topology Is Secure,and In telephone System mostly , used Star Topology.

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