Push Back from Business Users

What type of push back have your received from the business users in relation to QA?

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  • Nov 14th, 2008

At many times the biggest issue with business users is their time availability.  But, if you have a good Project Manager and Leadership, there should be collaboration between them and your business users and their management to ensure the time is available, this should be done well before the testing period begins.  The Project Manager should also be able to define the length of time they would be required to spend testing.  As a Business Analyst, I realize the business user's time is very limited.  Throughout the requirements lifecycle I try to provide mockups and/or prototypes of everything, get feedback, and make changes where necessary so that when the business users begin testing it isn't so time consuming or the first time they are seeing the changes.  Developing a Test Plan is required to set expectations at the time development begins.


  • May 16th, 2010

As a BA major pushbacks I have seen -

  1. Users availability to state their requirement, clarification of issues
  2. Sometimes, user get a threat which is actually not true that the TO BE automated system might lesses their importance in performing the task
The first one can be resolved by well ahead planning, this planning should be done sitting with PM. The PM will make easier availability of user by discussing with business stakeholders. Also, presentation/ demo addresses the larger audience at one time and bring up open discussion also. Graphical representation makes the subject easier to understand. Then its better idea to clarify smaller and closed end issues over telephone and then communicating all required stakeholder in email makes solution quicker.

The second one does not have a defined method. BA should come up demos how the TO BE system will make the USER life simple and enable them to invest time in their more valuable tasks rather giving time to a redundant data entry work....monotonous manula verification work etc. It will facilitate user to invest their time in the tasks which is solely dependent on them, however they always have to slog to get time for it.

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