How to make QTP understand the difference with same type of objects

Suppose there are 10 of check boxes in a page and i have to choose the 6th one, how to do that through script?

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Use the Ordinal identifiers (index) property...each of the objects will have a different index value

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QTP identifies the object in following manner-

1) First with mandatory and assistive property. If these are not sufficient
then "Ordinal Identifier"
2) By using "Smart Identification".

In your case you have different object of same type. First they have
different names, so object will be identified easily.
If there are more than one object with the same name than use "Ordinal
Identifier - Index".
With "Index" property object will be identified.

We can use the descriptive programming for identifying the 6th checkbox from a bunch of checkboxes on a page.

Dim obj_ChkDesc

Set obj_ChkDesc=Description.Create
obj_ChkDesc(“html tag”).value = “INPUT”
obj_ChkDesc(“type”).value = “checkbox”

Dim allCheckboxes

Set allCheckboxes = Browse(“Browser”).Page(“Page”).ChildObjects(obj_ChkDesc)

allCheckboxes(5).Set “ON”

As index value start from the value '0', so 6th object is having index value '5'

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