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How can we connect PeopleSoft component interface to third party application to get data from third party to PeopleSoft.

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We have various options for this..
1: use ExcelToCi utility..
2: Use file layout and Application engine concepts..
3. we also have templates(for JAVA,VB,C users) to load data into PS tables.

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  • Oct 27th, 2012

configure Web service for the the required CI and create a WSDSL with requirement action method...
Share the WSDL file with third system to get/update the peoplesoft table.

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vamsi pendela

  • Apr 12th, 2013

We have various options to upload the data into the component.
1) If user want to upload the data with complete validation, developer can go with Excel to CI utility.
2) If user want to upload the data with out validation, developer can go with the following options.
a) File Layout: Create an application engine by using file layout and upload the data through this.
b) File Parser: Create a template and run the File parser. It is delivered process.
3) If we want to take entire/major data from the current system which is currently executing JAVA,C etc,.
developer can chose the Integration Broker(IB).
Note: Developer can put the validations in App engine also through peoplecode or component Interface.

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