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Explain what are componentbuffer and databuffer?

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  • Sep 26th, 2008

Component Buffer:  Component Buffer contains all the Data of active component

Data Buffer: Data Buffer contains Data other then the Data in the Component Buffer

Data Buffer classes are available in peopleocode, Rowset,Row,Record,Field,Array,Sql,File,chart,Drid and so on

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Component buffer contains data of the currently active component. Data buffer contains the data of the currently active peoplesoft application, it can be from a component, an application engine or application message.

If the level 0 rowset is formed from a component buffer data, the level 0 contains only one row of data. The row contains all the child rowsets.

If the level 0 rowset is formed from the data buffer, the level 0 rowset may contain more than one row of data.

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