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What is Producer, Consumer

Sample Source Code : The Producer/Consumer Example

Another very good article with sample source code on How Java uses the producer/consumer model to handle images -- An insider's look . Read the article

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Answered On : May 3rd, 2005

Producer is who sends the message to the destination. Consumer is who receives the message from destination.

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Jakeer Singh

Answered On : Jul 17th, 2005

Messaging lets a servlet delegate processing to a batch process either on the same machine or on a separate machine. The servlet creates a message and sends it to a queue. The servlet immediately completes and when the batch process is ready, it processes the message.  Messaging is therefore comprised of three main components:   A Producer creates messages and sends them to a Queue. The Producer could be something like a Servlet.  A Queue stores the messages from the Produces and provides them to a Consumer when ready. The Queue is implemented by the messaging provider.  A Consumer processes messages as they become available in the Queue. The Consumer is typically a bean implementing the MessageListener interface.

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Answered On : Oct 17th, 2005

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A producer is the client application that plays the role of a message sender in JMS API.A consumer is the client application that plays the role of a message receiver in JMS API.

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