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how to take DATE as user input in PL/SQL block?

Asked by: NIKKI_PRIYAL | Member Since Jul-2008 | Asked on: Jul 19th, 2008

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Create or replace function get_period (pDate varchar2) return varchar2is pday varchar(20);begin SELECT TO_CHAR(to_date('&DATE','MM/DD/YYYY'),'DAY') into pday FROM DUAL;return pday;end get_period;to call the function select get_period(08/03/2008) from dual;

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Inputting the date in PL/SQL is same as in SQL. Simply pass the date as a string in the format DD-MON-YYYY.Eg: SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE HIRE_DATE='dd-mon-yyyy'.OrYou can also use Date functions TO_DATE('25-aug-2008',' formate......');Hope this is the answer, you are looking for.Raghu.

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