Static Testing and Dynamic testing

What is meant by Static Testing and Dynamic testing?, i want to know more information about this. If any body knows Ans for this Question Plz send me as early as possible.?

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Hi ,
Below is what I think abt Static Testing and Dynamic testing

Static testing:

Testing prior to deployment.

 Dynamic testing:

Testing during use without removing the component under test from its operating environment.

1: Static testing is about prevention, dynamic testing is about cure.

2: The static tools offer greater marginal benefits.

  3: Static testing is many times more cost-effective than dynamic testing.

  4: Static testing beats dynamic testing by a wide margin.

  5: Static testing is more effective!

  6: Static testing gives you comprehensive diagnostics for your code.

  7: Static testing achieves 100% statement coverage in a relatively short time, while dynamic testing often often achieves less than 50% statement coverage, because dynamic testing finds bugs only in parts of the code that are actually executed.

  8: Dynamic testing usually takes longer than static testing. Dynamic testing may involve running several test cases, each of which may take longer than compilation.

  9: Dynamic testing finds fewer bugs than static testing.

  10: Static testing can be done before compilation, while dynamic testing can take place only after compilation and linking.
  11: Static testing can find all of the followings that dynamic testing cannot find: syntax errors, code that is hard to maintain, code that is hard to test, code that does not conform to coding standards, and ANSI violations.

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  • Sep 26th, 2008

Static Testing : the testing done on documents or requirments or anything that remains constant i  is called as static testing .it is a priory process

Dynamic testing : mostly testing done on new applications developed  or things that have a tendency to  change  is called Dynamic Testing

if  wrong please correct me

with regards

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  • Nov 25th, 2008


Static testing is a form of software testing where the software isn’t
actually used.
It is generally not detailed testing, but checks mainly for the sanity of the
code, algorithm, or document. It is primarily syntax checking of the code or and
manually reading of the code or document to find errors
This type of testing can be used by the developer who wrote the code, in
isolation. Code reviews, inspections and walkthroughs are also used.
These are verification activates. Code Reviews, inspection and walkthroughs are
few of the static testing methodologies.
This is the verification portion of Verification and Validation.


In dynamic testing the software must actually be compiled and run.
Dynamic analysis refers to the examination of the physical response from the
system to variables that are not constant and change with time.
Some of dynamic testing methodologies include unit testing, integration testing,
system testing and acceptance testing.
These are the Validation activities. Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests
and Acceptance Tests are few of the Dynamic Testing methodologies.
Dynamic testing is the validation portion of Verification and Validation.

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  • May 31st, 2009

Static testing -  is verification testing where we test the requirements document and design document prior to the software being developed.
(i.e., testing without giving any input) This testing is done during the analysis and design phase using review techniques.

Dynamic testing - is validation testing where we test the software being developed
(i.e., testing with giving inputs and checking the expected results) This testing is done after the code is developed(not full code) during the testing phase using black box or white box testing.

Please let me know if wrong.

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Static Testing means code reviews and walk throughs where as Dynamic testing involves both white box and Block box testing types which includes all related testing types.

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  • Jul 13th, 2009

Static Testing mean Testing a work product without running it. It is two part

1) Static Analysis
 Should be done for all documents during the development of a system
 Adherence to coding standards
 Identification of anomalies
     Control flow
     Data flow
 Executable/ Non-Executable code
 Requirements versus code
 Design versus code

2) Techniques
 Static analysis with the auxiliary of tools. It generates:
     Metrics (Complexity, size,…)
     Code/Data Cross references
     Call Trees
     Structure Charts

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Mohan R.C

  • Jan 10th, 2012

Static testing: It is one of the type of testing, it is used to find the faults before execution, it save money, time etc..
Dynamic testing: After the static testing it take place, it is used to found failure or causes of bugs.

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Dillip Palai

  • May 1st, 2012

STATIC TESTING: This type of testing is done during
Verification process. It does not need computer, testing
of a program is done without executing the program.
ex:Reviewing, walk through..

DYNAMIC TESTING:This testing is needs computer. It is done during Validation process. The software is tested
executing it on computer.
Ex: Unit testing, integration testing, system testing...

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