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A man travels by bus for 20 hours and they by train for 05 hours . if the average speed of the bus was 20 kmph and that of the entire journey was 24 kmph. What was the average speed of the train?

(A) 44kmph
(B) 30 kmph
(C) 36 kmph
(D) 40 kmph

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  • Oct 5th, 2008

Out of total 25 hrs of travelling, 20 hrs (4/5th) is done by bus @ 20km/hr and 5 hrs (1/5th) is done by train @ xkm/hr.

and the average speed f the whole journey is 24 km/hr.

so, 4/5 * 20 + 1/5 * x = 24

which gives x = 40 km/hr.


  • Dec 20th, 2009

Distance=speed * time

given speed and time for bus and total travel. Only thing not given is avg speed of travel by train. Hence

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  • Aug 29th, 2010

Total speed=24 km/hr
Total time=time taken by bus + time taken by train=25 hours
Total distance=24 * 25=600 km
Distance covered by train=total distance - distance covered by bus
Distance covered by bus=speed of bus * time=20 * 20=400 km
Distance covered by train =600 - 400=200 km
Speed of train = distance/time=200/5=40 km/hr

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