How to add doc and excel file to Test Director

How to add word doc file like test plan and Excel file like test cases to Test Director after downloading Excel and word ADD IN's.

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  • Oct 6th, 2008

I assume you're asking how to import data contained in Word or Excel into the Test Plan tree?

I'd recommend using Excel if you have a choice. Install the Excel add-in. Create a worksheet that follows the Test Plan tree hierarchy (the Add-In help file shows the syntax).

When you run the add-in you're asked to map the columns in your worksheet to individual Test Plan fields. Experiment with one or two rows of data first until you're certain of your worksheet layout; that can save a lot of cleanup before importing large amounts of data.

Hope this helps.

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  • Nov 30th, 2009

The documents could be attached in the "Test Lab" tab against particular test case.
Step1. Select particular folder from the tree on the left hand side panel.
Step2. Select the particular test case to which the document is to be attached (RHS) and double click on the attachement symbol present in the upper pannel (symbol: like paper clip). A dialog box opens to give the path.
Step3. If you want to view the attachement repeat the above steps and from the dialog box select the document to be viewed and click on the view option from the upper panel (symbol: eye).

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