What are the principle differences between ISO9000 and CMMI Quality Systems

Between these two quality systems, which better serves a non-IT-centric business service environment?

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Neeraj Aggrawal

  • Jun 24th, 2012

ISO follows primarily Audit System while CMMi is about assessing maturity of processes followed by an organization. ISO is Generic and is good enough for Non IT centric businesses, while CMMi is very useful in IT Centric businesses.There are multiple ISO standards guidelines tailored as per business model, nature and its complexity while CMMi focuses on 3 business models - 1) Development 2) Services 3) Acquisition and every business model has its own set of Process Areas, though some of them are common across these 3 models, though focus changes.

There are some businesses, where obtaining ISO certification and achieving CMMi 5 Level, both are essential or may be good to have.

Example - a soap production factory need not to take up CMMi but certainly need ISO certification to match Quality standards in its operations as per guidelines.

While, a Telecom company delivering mobile services may require both, ISO as well as CMMi.

An org into Pizza delivery, a pathology Lab may go for respective ISO Certification only.

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