What are the advantages of a database approach compared to a flat file system?

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  • Mar 5th, 2009

A flat file is a kind of approach to a database system. I think the question should have been advantages of relational system on a flat file system.
In that case it would be straight forward as a relational system can define relations between entities of a real world situation while flat file system can store only facts.

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There are many advantages with database approach compared to a flat file system. Some of them are:

1) It's not possible to implement relationships between files in filesystem.
2) Controlled redundancy
3) Program-data independence
4) Easy to maintain large databases.
5) Softwares for maintaining databases (D.B.M.S) are readily available
6) Easy to implement constraints.
7) It's possible to add dynamic nature by using triggers e.t.c.

There are many other advantages, they are listed in the book 'Database Systems" by Navathe... once go through it.
Hope, my answer helped you

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