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Myself Neelam.

I have done Bachelors Of Information Technology regular from IGNOU.

Now, I am pursuing MCA(Correspondence) from Maharishi Dayanad University and simultaneously i am doing a job in SEO also.

I am very confuse to take decision about my career.

Can u Please help me to take decision. According to my capabilities i think testing is good for me. Plz tell me the certifications in Testing in India and what step to follow to become a good software tester.


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  • Jun 26th, 2008

Hi, Am not 100% sure about which certifications are there specifically for software testing. It should all depend. But one thing is for sure, you should be able to build solid test cases and scenarios that fully fit the business requirements and solutions you are providing. Another thing is to master the tool you use for such activities. These and understanding the business processes will help steer you into becoming a very strong deliverer of your quests.

Good luck.


To become a software tester there are a few certification exams in India which are conducted by the Indian Testing Board(ITB).

Some of them are as follows -
1) ISTQB Foundation level (Exam - Objective) (Fee - below 4000/-)
2) ISTQB Advanced level (Exam - Don't know) (Fee - Don't know)
3) CSTE (Exam - Objective + Subjective) (Fee - i guess below 20000/-)

I don't know the full form of CSTE but ISTQB stands for
International Software Testing Qualification Board

you can get more details on the ISTQB's site which is - or on

Hope this might help you.

All the Best for your future.

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