Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How did you Handle that

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Yes I have been into this situation a lot of times and I could manage them effectively. There is no thumb rule however Affinity, Reality and Communication can be your tools to win the situation.
1. accepting the situation is very important as we have no choice left wherein we can select our boss or team member.
2. Comunicating more will help as this will bridge the gap between two people and to start with we should talk about on what are the points of agreement rather than disagreements. I am sure no matter how unidentical two people are there must be few common point of views.
3. Once the communication goes on there is a way to address the disagreements as well like being assertive rather than being aggressive. There is a very thin line between the two behaviors however that line can make all the difference to how that relationship is going to be. If said appropriately even a "No" DOES NOT SOUND OFFENSIVE.

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  • Apr 20th, 2009

I have someone who reports to me who I absolutely despise. We get along from a business perspective, but from a personal level, I just don't like him.  I've made my dislike for him my problem and not his. 

For example, when he makes comments that are inappropriate for work, I remind him of our policies and how important it is to be careful with what and how he says things.  I also try to re-enact the scene in my head as if someone else on the team who I do like did or said the same thing.  If my reaction is the same as for the person I do like, then I feel like I'm handling the situation with the guy I don't like fairly.

I keep the conversation on a business level.  I don't ask him how his vacation was so I don't have to hear complaints about his kids or what he fought about with his wife.  I answer 'fine' when he asks about my weekend so I don't listen to him judge how I live my life.

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Anil Vasudeo Sawant

  • May 24th, 2018

Yes, normally it happens to everyone of us in our career.
While handling some one Be always patient, cool & friendly toward such a team mate.
Talk with the other person.
Focus on behavior and events, not on personalities
Listen carefully & identify points of agreement and disagreement,Prioritize the areas of conflict, Develop a plan to work on each conflict. Follow through on your plan. Build on your success.

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