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Can anybody explain "What are the Test Automation frameworks and classify them?"

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Hey buddy,

Test Automation Framework is a document which deals with some set of assumptions.

Doc consist of following pts:

Feasibility study,Identifying the Test Scenarios,Priority Modules ( Which module we shld automate first),Coding standards,Guidelines.


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  • Oct 24th, 2008

Automation frame work is a set of guidelines given by experts to accomplish/complete  a task in an efficient manner.

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  • Mar 5th, 2009

Automation Framework defines the concepts of Data Flow, Results Flow,
Execution Methods, Recovery ,Error Handling Mechanisms, Pre-Execution Setup,
Post-Execution Aspects, Mail Configurations etc,

In simple framework is your procedure / process on how and where your input
should come from for your script, and where your output has to be stored and in
what format etc..,

List of frameworks
1. Keyword Driven Framework
2. Data Driven Framework
3. Functional Decomposition Framework
4. Hybrid Framework
5. Modular Framework
6. Functional Decomposition Framework
7. Table Driven Framework etc..,

Any new inventions or additions to the already existing frameworks can be
given a new framework name. Its not a mandate only the above list of frameworks
should be used.

Rejoice :)

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