If the product of the 3 consecutive integers is 210, then the sum of the two smaller integers?

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the three consecutive integers be x,y and z.
given: xyz=210. the unit place ends with 0. so it must be a multiple of 5,10,...
if it is a multiple of 10 means it must lead to a large number because 10*9*8=720 or 10*11*12=1320. so it must be a multiple of 5.
so now 5*6*7=210 or 5*4*3=60.
according to the given question 5,6,7  only satisfies. so the numbers must be 5,6 and 7.
the sum of smallest integers is 5+6=11.
answer is 11.

Product is 210... so one of the integers must be 5 or 10.
They are 5 6 7 or 3 4 5 or 10 9 8 or 10 11 12
Possible ans is 5 6 7 bcoz no other option gives the product which is mentioned
in the data.
Sum of two smaller integers is 5+6=11.
so ans is 11

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