Stale Cheque

What is meaning of Stale Cheque?

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  • Jun 5th, 2008

If the cheque date is older than the six month to current date that is called Stale Cheque.  This is not a valid cheque and banker will not accept.

For Ex: Current date 05-Jun-2008 if cheque date is 4-Dec-2007 or before cheque will be stale.


  • Aug 18th, 2008

The  words are self explanatory. Each negotiable instrument has a validity. No financial instrument can be given for indefinite period.

A cheque which has crossed maximum 6 months from the date of signing the cheque is stale cheque. That 6 months is not for each and every instrument. The drawer can specify whethe the instrument (cheque) can have valildity lower than 6 months.

But in any case the validity cannot be more than 6 months. This is as per Negotiable Instrument Act.


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