Loadrunner error - Page cannot be displayed


1. I've given the url of a page and started recording. User name and password are given and login button is clicked.

2. Now it travels through a page and supposed to go to a page but it says " Page cannot be displayed".

3. When i try logging in the application without using load runner it works fine. Only when i invoke it through the load runner the first page is getting invoked and when the login credentials are given, the next page is not getting displayed. Any suggestions please.

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Check timeouts in runtime settings(Flow is Go for runtime settings->preferences->Options->Http request connect timeout(By default it is 120sec make it more &try once)

& also Http request receive timeout(By default it is 120sec make it more &try once)

Please make me correct if i did mistake

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  • Apr 25th, 2013

In tools recording options --> select the WinInet mode instead of socket mode.
Please correct me if i am wrong..

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