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The employer is indirectly asking you about your professional & personal strengths which will be the benifit to the company to achieve company objectives.

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  • May 21st, 2008

The employer is indirectly asking you about your professional & personal strengths which will be the benifit to the company to achieve company objectives.


  • Aug 10th, 2009

I Abhishek Kumar as a marketing professional, right now I have done my MBA in
marketing from Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, I know I have learned in the
training period that how the work culture in such organisation, this may be help
me to to enter any organisation and we mould according to the need of such
organisation, as a fresher is concern I do not have any experience in the
corporate world but the main objective for any organisation to seeking new
persons who have the quality to motivate, interaction, and satisfying the
customer needs and requirements, these qualities I have.

I have done a summer training at Reliance money where the work profile is to
sale the products which the company is all about in dealing, its a field market
selling in which I search the customer and talk with according to the needs
where the persons actually need to invest because every persons more and more
money from the money he is invested in any funds. 

We just motivate the persons that we are providing these services, we are not
limited but we are dealing in so many products like share trading, forex,
derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, insurance ,general insurance, so their
is no other sectors we are not dealing except these products so we generate the
business to the company and we earn some commission on behalf of the the work
done by me.

as for as the fresher is concern we have a quality of knowing the latest
business scenario and latest methods and policies and strategies ,that how to
achieve the target in the best and the efficient manner. Every organisation
needs more and more profits from its funds, so we applied the new management
techniques for the newly generalised generation, that will not only help to
improve in reducing the cost but also it will increase in the profits ratio of
an organisation. as for the experience is concern he knows the market very well
but he do not know how to inculcate the prospects customers to purchase the
products.  First of all we need to learn the perception and behaviour of
the prospective customer unless we do not know the behaviour we cannot motivate
him to purchase our products.

When we are totally aware about the culture ,behaviour, attitude, perception
of the prospective and existing customers it will help to motivate the persons
to achieve the targets. We just motivate the customer according to his own .and
motivate to purchase for a life long, we provide the services that are seeking
and feel by the customers to not only purchase the products right now but he or
she is purchased the products for the future without any efforts.

Here we would like to tell you one more thing that as for the experience and
fresher is concern if the company hiring both fresher and the experience
candidates both of them first learn the work culture, policies, business
strategies, its all about in the same roof. Both of them sitting in the same
training session room and learn, because every organisation their is a different
policies, strategies is adopting by different organisation to not only achieve
the targets but also to increase its goodwill in the existing markets as well as
in the foreign destination.

So the experience persons do not know about the company in advance firstly he
should learn in the training period that how the work culture is to be done in
such circumstances and nature.

I am not defying that the experience aspirants is not good he know the
attitude and behaviour among the subordinates. but when he should be well aware
about the work culture than he would be liable for the doing his business in a
best and efficient manner.

So please give me a chance in our esteemed organisation that will help to
prove our strengths and knowledge in achieving the company mission and goals.

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