If Sql return -805 , what will user want to do

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Bind the database to avoid the -805 error.

The package was not bound or it was dropped. If attempting to run a DB2 utility or CLI application, the DB2 utilities may need to be rebound to the database.

'%.pkgname' if the CURRENT PACKAGE PATH is set but no package with the name 'pkgname' could be found in any of the schemas in the CURRENT PACKAGE PATH.

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Be sure that the program has been preprocessed with no errors. If not, correct any errors which caused the preprocess to fail, preprocess the program and rerun it.

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  • May 14th, 2010

-805 is a bind error user needs to bind it again and some time we do the bind but forgot to new copy a online module in that case you can see -805 error.
Step to avoid same.
Do the rebind and new copy your module.

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  • Jul 26th, 2011

-805 means there is some bind issue.

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-805 will never occur if a DBRM is directly bound to a PLAN. -805 occurs when

1) Source Program is changed and per-compiled and new LOAD Module created as a result of change is used at Run time, but BIND is not done using the latest created DBRM when change was done

2) If the collection Id (Package List) referred during the BIND PACKAGE is de-associated from the PLAN

3) For online programs, a CICS NEW COPY or CICS PHASE IN is not done after the first BIND after Program is created and invoked at Run-time. (Also Depends on PPT parameters used for module loading into CICS region at CICS startup)

There are many others. Check the IBM source PDF which lists all SQL codes, and Messages for DB2 zOS for more information

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