What is AnimationExtender and how to use this control

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An Animation extender provides the facility to animate the controls.
For example: A control could be made to appear/disappear by making use of the 'FadeIn' and 'FadeOut' properties.
These animations can be associated with multiple controls by making use of the 'Sequence' tag.

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  • Jan 25th, 2009

The AnimationExtender server control allows you to program fluid animations to the controls that you put on the page. This control allows you to program elements that can move around the page based upon specific end user triggers (such as a button click). There are specific events available for you to program your animations against. These events are as follows:
Which is to be created as
<ajaxtoolkit:AnimationExtender id="ani" targetcontrolid="anipanel" runat="server">
<asp:panel id="anipanel" runat="server">

thank u.

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