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Wsdl - soap binding

Asked By: y6cs1031 | Asked On: Sep 21st, 2011

How and why soap binding used in web services?

Answered by: anil on: Apr 23rd, 2013

A Web service SOAP binding is a protocol that describes how messages between Web service providers and requests are defined and transferred.

Answered by: tanu on: Mar 5th, 2013

Use the Web service SOAP binding details page to: See all attributes of a specific Web service SOAP binding. Perform actions on the asset. See all other components that are related to the...

Who is the inventor of Ajax?

Asked By: vanitha | Asked On: Mar 5th, 2006

Answered by: Lakshman on: Aug 9th, 2012

Since XMLHttpRequest is now implemented across the majority of browsers in use, alternative techniques are used infrequently. However, they are still used where wide compatibility, small implementatio...

Answered by: msp on: Sep 21st, 2006

yeah, we had xmlhttp in production in early 2001...  but one could argue that combinations of java/javascript could be used to do all kinds of server fed, no refresh roundtrips even back in the m...

What new features are available in Ajax that makes it powerful?

Asked By: GregMark | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: arunkarnati on: Jul 29th, 2012

There is nothing called new feature in AJAX, it depends upon what you really want to do in your website/web application. You can use various open source libraries to code easily like jQuery, Mootools, YUI etc.

Answered by: sharma.abhi on: Dec 31st, 2009

There are lots of javascript framework which supports not only ajax but are helpful in creating a good user-interface.For Ex : jquery - supports both ajax as well as there is jquery ui libraries to create a RIA.

How many types of ready states in Ajax?

Asked By: vinod mahajan | Asked On: Aug 28th, 2007

Answered by: Tarun on: Jul 29th, 2012

There are four states of ajax.
1. Initialization
2. Request
4. Ready

Answered by: Elavarasi on: Sep 29th, 2011

* 0: The request is uninitialized (before you've called open()). * 1: The request is set up, but not sent (before you've called send()). * 2: The request was sent and is in process (you ca...

What does Ajax stands for?

Asked By: JamesMike | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: Anwar on: Dec 23rd, 2011

Ajax Stands for Asynchronus JavaScript and XML.


Answered by: kiranpvn on: Jun 3rd, 2010

AJAX stands for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a collection of interrelated web development techniques used on client to create interactive web applications. Ajax, web applications...

Dom parser & XML parser

Asked By: GaneshVilas | Asked On: Jan 23rd, 2010

What is the different between dom parser & XML parser?

Answered by: Will R. on: Nov 19th, 2011

The xml parser is event based while the DOM is tree structured.

Answered by: vaishalibharat on: Mar 17th, 2010

XML Parser is the parser that parses the xml document for the application which uses it. DOM Parser is the specification using which XML document can be parsed, which should be used by XML parser.There is another specification, which is SAX parser.

Ajax disadvantages

Asked By: vinay.kamboj | Asked On: Oct 24th, 2008

What is the disadvantage of Ajax?

Answered by: Er.Manish on: Jul 22nd, 2011

* Search engines would not be able to index an AJAX application. * The server information can not be accessed within AJAX. * AJAX is not well integrated with any browser. * ActiveX re...

Answered by: smartview on: Nov 21st, 2010

    * Javascript dependency    * View source is allowed and anyone can view the code source written for AJAX    * Debugging is difficult.   ...

Can client timestamp be different than server log in Ajax environment?

Asked By: AJAX_Beg | Asked On: Jul 2nd, 2011

I am a new beginner in Ajax. I have a very simple question to ask. I was informed that timestamp I see on the my browser can be different, time to time, than the timestamp of server log in online auction (using Ajax) due to bug. Is it true? I thought the timestamp on the browser is the reflection of...

Is Ajax, a browser dependent or browser independent script.

Asked By: Pavan.Sangyam | Asked On: Jan 10th, 2007

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Answered by: pankajsaha

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Member Since Jun-2006 | Answered On : Jan 16th, 2007

Yes! AJAX is browser dependent technology.
Ajax is not a programming language ; You can say it is a combinations of main 3
languages. DHTML, Java script and XML.

Ajax engine rather Ajax run on  Firefox, Opera 8, Safari and later Mozilla builds and theMicrosoft equivalent ActiveX object.

Answered by: prakashecs on: Aug 21st, 2008

One thing i have forgotten to write that Due to some web standard we may call it as Browser dependant like if we will use JSON then it is not supported by all browser . so when we are using Ajax ...

Answered by: prakashecs on: Aug 21st, 2008

According to me Ajax is not a browser dependent why because Ajax use web standard like DHTML,CSS,XML and JAVASCRIPT which are mostly well defined and support almost all major browser. so i think Ajax is not browser dependant.

What is Ajax ? How it is implemented? Given skeleton example?

Asked By: kalyanakumar | Asked On: Dec 12th, 2006

Answered by: virendracomc on: Mar 31st, 2011

AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML. It  is used for dynamically updating the portion of web page without refreshing the whole page ie javascript function will be called to get the response from Application Server.

Answered by: Aravinth Kumar. KG on: Mar 3rd, 2007

AJAX - Asynchronus Javascript And XML, Using JavaScript technology, an HTML page can asynchronously make calls to the server from which it was loaded and fetch content that may be formatted as XML do...

Is dojo a part of Ajax what is Ajax and what is dojo

Asked By: Pavani | Asked On: Oct 5th, 2007

Answered by: Manjulx on: Jun 4th, 2010

AJAX is Asyncrynous JavaScript and XML, toghather they make it possible to make a JavaScript function call to your server and get the response. They use XMLHttpRequest and XMLHttpResponse opbeject.&nb...

Answered by: siva2baba on: Dec 10th, 2007

DOJO is the one of the Client-side Framework

The Dojo toolkit is a modular open source JavaScript toolkit (or library), designed to ease the rapid development of JavaScript- or Ajax-based applications and web sites.

If a page only has one gridview, no other controls. Should Ajax be used? Justify

Asked By: Mike | Asked On: Aug 31st, 2007

Answered by: bharath.334 on: Feb 24th, 2010

As far of my knowledge grid view is used in CRUD (Create, View, Update and Delete) applications so in CRUD it is better to go for AJAX insted of going for other controls/requests.

Answered by: biswaranjanrout on: Feb 14th, 2008

If it is required the updation in data base should be display instanctly to the user every time then   ajax is  better to use ,otherwise it is not required.

What is json in Ajax?

Asked By: GregMark | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: gomthiN on: Jun 26th, 2009

JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a safe and reliable data interchange format in JavaScript. This format is easy for humans to read and machines to understand.AJAX uses JSON format to communicate between client and server.

Answered by: Amol Kulkarni on: Sep 7th, 2007

JSON is the JavaScript Object Notation, and it is a lightweight data interchange format. It provides Java Scripts eval() method to easily parse an XML.

What are the technologies combined in Ajax?

Asked By: JohnMathew | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: jnaneswarisd on: Jun 5th, 2009

Ajax is a set of technologies, supported by a web browser, including these elements: · HTML and CSS for presenting. · JavaScript (ECMAScript) for local processing, and DOM (Document Obje...

Answered by: rakesh on: Apr 25th, 2007

The AJAX combined  the client side technolgies to implement.these technolgy includesJava ScriptDHTMLHtml

What is the Ajax request used for retrieving data when the data will not change for a given request url?

Asked By: SriramKrishna | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: jnaneswarisd on: Jun 5th, 2009

AJAX requests should use an HTTP GET request when retrieving data where the data will not change for a given request URL

What is comet in Ajax?

Asked By: JamesMike | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: jnaneswarisd on: Jun 4th, 2009

Comet describes applications where the server keeps pushing - or streaming - data to the client, instead of having the browser keep polling the server for fresh content.

Answered by: siva2baba on: Jan 21st, 2009

Ajax Push is comet Technology Ajax Push means web servers to send data to the client without having any need for the client to request for it . Keep clients up-to-date with data arriving or changing on the server, without frequent polling

How is user interfaces powerful in Ajax?

Asked By: Remasri | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: jnaneswarisd on: Jun 4th, 2009

Using Ajax, a web application can request only the content that needs to be updated, thus drastically reducing bandwidth usage and load time. The use of asynchronous requests allows the client's W...

Answered by: Shivanna on: Nov 29th, 2007

AJAX helps in refreshing / requerying parts of web page without reloading the entrie webpage there by increasing performance and ultimately user interface

How asynchronous processing is handled using Ajax?

Asked By: Bessie | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: jnaneswarisd on: Jun 4th, 2009

Asynchronous request in Ajax retrieves the data from the server without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.

Answered by: venkat on: Mar 26th, 2007

With AJAX, your JavaScript can communicate directly with the server, using the JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object. With this object, your JavaScript can trade data with a web server, without reloading t...

What is synchronous request in Ajax?

Asked By: timmy | Asked On: Apr 7th, 2007

Answered by: jnaneswarisd on: Jun 3rd, 2009

Synchronous Request in Ajax means javascript will stop processing your program until a result has been obtained from the server. While the request is processing, the browser is effectively frozen. The...

What is the use of script tag in vbscript?

Asked By: christia | Asked On: Mar 25th, 2007

Answered by: jnaneswarisd on: Jun 3rd, 2009

Script tag indicates which scripting language we are using.

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