What is meaning by the SKIN effect in electrical circuits

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  • May 16th, 2008

skin effect is the nature of the Alternating current, ie, the current will be distributed in a conductor and will flow more on the surface(skin) of the conductor than at the core this effect is called skin effect. this is mainly due to the eddy currents.

Most of the current in a conductor flows through the outer surface of the conductor, this effect is called SKIN Effect. This is because of the inductance, because the inner conductors will have more flux (inductance) i.e due to inner and outer conductors but where as the outer surface of the conductor will have less flux (inductance) and we know current always tries to flow through the low resistance path. So current will try to flow through the outer surface of the conductor.

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  • Aug 8th, 2010

When alternating current flows thru the conductor, magnetic field intensity in the inner side is more, as a result flux concentrated on the inner conductor is very high. Since inductance of the coil is directly proportional to the flux for a constant current, So inductance offered is quite high by the inner side of the conductor. So the reactance offered to the supply decreases as we move from innerside to outer conductor. So the supply is concentrated on the outerside (skin) only. This phenomenon is called skin effect.

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In ac electrical circuits due to varying magnetic fields they induce eddy inside the center of conductor .Due to the induced eddy currents they restrict the current flow on the center and pushes the current to flow on the surface i.e on the skin of the conductor.But as we know as area decreases for current flow the resistance increases and it leads to increase the power loss.So to reduce skin effect we use standarded conductors or litz wire.

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