Displaying leading/trailing zero in text box

i have many text boxes to input numeric values in the form. The problem is when my text box lost its focus , if any numeric value entered in text box without any dismal place will automatically display 2 dismal zero. else if no values entered in the text box it should display 0.00 value in it .
ex : if i enter a value in the text box : 25 when it lost focus the values should 25.00
if doesn't enter any value in text box, when it lost focus the value should be 0.00

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The above answer is partially correct. You have to add a conditional statement, otherwise everytime u leave the text box, Lost focus event would fire and it would set it to zero.

If u r using VB 6.0 , u could always use the Validate Event instead of Lost focus event

If Val(Text1.text)>0 then

Text1.text = Format("#.##")


Text1.text = "0.00"

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thank u ,
i have 20 to 30 text boxes in each form  and having 10 to 15 froms in my project , bit difficult to write the text bix validate code for each text box . so is it possible by using  user defined function.

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  • Feb 14th, 2008

Define Normal Function in the form with the parameter Textbox while validate call this function with the parameter TexBboxName.

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It is very simple. Do coding at LostFocus event as

Private Sub Text1_LostFocus()
If Text1.Text<>"" Then
    Text1.Text= 0. & Text1.Text



End If
End Sub

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