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What is Organization Unit? Features of Organization Unit and its benifits

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Organization Unit is a means in which we can keep objects such as user accounts, groups, computer, printer . applications.It allows us to assign specific permission to the users.

1.OUs can be nested to support different hierarchy levels

2.Each domain in the Active Directory environment can have its own OU structure. One domain’s OU structure is independent of another domain’s OU structure.

3.It is fairly simple to change an OU structure. OU structures are much more flexible than domain structures.

4.Objects in child OUs can inherit OU configuration settings.

5.Users can delegate administrative control of Active Directory objects through OUs

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Qasim Rafique

  • Aug 6th, 2015

Additional benefit you may get along with all defined by Kishan, is that you can apply Group Policy on the OU.
GPO can only be applied at 3 levels in the AD.
Hope it might help.

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