What is matrix? what are its different types used in testing?

Do u know these terms?
QAM- quality assurance matrix?
TMM- test management matrix?
PCM- process compatibility matrix?

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  • Jul 7th, 2008

Matrix is nothing but measurements. There are three types of metrix.
1.QAM-Quality Assurence Measurement  that means how much quality required in the project.
2.PCM--Process compatability mesurement that means to estimate testing process for upcoming project depending on current project experienced.
3.TMM-- Test Manager Measurement that means to estimate how much work is completed  and how much work yet to complete.

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Simple and perfect definition:
A matrix is a structured, problem-solving technique used to show the relationship between groupings. It is also known as a matrix check sheet or a matrix diagram.

Don't be confused between MAtrix & MEtriCs ...:)


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