Transferring from Test Plan to Test Lab

Once test plans are created in the Test Plan area in Quality Centre, how do you transfer them over to Test Lab?

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  • Dec 16th, 2007

Step 1: Click on Test Lab tab in Quality Center
Step 2: Select Root folder (observe this will be found once you clicked on Test Lab)
Step 3: Click New Folder icon top to the "Root" folder
Step 4: Name that folder "XYZ"
Step 5: Select the "XYZ" Folder
Step 6: Click on "New Test Set" icon which is next to "New Folder" icon
Step 7: Name that test set as "ABC"
Step 8: Selec the "ABC" Folder
Step 9: Click on "Select Tests" next to Set Filter/Sort
Step10: On Click it shows the "Test Plan Tree"
Step 11: Select desired test case from the tree
Step 12: Click Left Arrow Icon (Add Tests to Test Set) of "ABC"

Note: If you are not able to identify the icons, place the mouse cursor for a while on any icon it gives you tool tip.

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  • Feb 23rd, 2017

This is useful to me.

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  • Mar 28th, 2017

Thank Q! It worked..

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  • May 18th, 2017

Can I automate or copy the XYZ folder & ABC test set from Test Plan to Test Lab? This 12 step process is fine for a few folders, but I imagine you need many more for bigger projects.

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  • Aug 4th, 2017

Did you got answer to this? Even I am facing same issue. Is there any way to automate the same?

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