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Explain about real account, personal accounts and nominal accounts

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Answered On : Jan 16th, 2008

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Real Account: The accounts relating to all assets and properties are called real accounts.Personal Account:The accounts relating to induviduals, firms, associations or companies are known as personal account.Nominal Account:The accounts relating to expenses, losses, incomes and gains are known as nominal accounts.

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Answered On : Jun 11th, 2008

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Real Account : All Assets and Liabilities fall under Real account. e.g. Cash, Bank, Building, Loan, Creditors etc.......Here Debit what comes in and Credit what goes out.Personal Account : All accounts relating to Individuals, Firms, Companies etc... falls under Personal Account.Here Debit the Receiver and Credit the Giver.Nominal Account : All accounts relating to Incomes and Expenses.Here Debit all Expenses and Credit all Incomes.

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Answered On : Aug 17th, 2008

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The double entry book keeping system that is followed world over has classified the accounts into two categories: Personal Accounts and Non-personal Accounts.Personal accounts are those accounts which belong to either single person or group of persons. Examples are Capital account, all debtors and creditors, employees, account holders, deposit holders  etc. In above cases person does not always mean an individual, it can also mean some other company. The non personal accounts are bifurcated into : Real accounts and Nominal accounts.Real accounts means those accounts which belong to assets whether real assets or non real assets. Examples are building, cash, fixed deposits maintained by you with someone else, plant and machinery etcNominal accounts are most popular category as they are expense and income accounts. Profit and loss a/c, Rent a/c, all items of revenue expense a/cs, all items of revenue earning a/cs etc are nominal accounts. In a nut shell, a/cs are bifurcated into 3 Personal, real and nominal a/cs.Personal belong to any individual, group of people or other company or government etc.Real means the real assets or non real assets real means tangible in this context. So the asset may be tangible or not but it can still be maintained as real a/cNominal means that all expense and income items. Vasudeo

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Answered On : Sep 19th, 2011

Real accounts means: Dr what comes in and Cr what goes out:;;;;;;;
In which includes all assets and liabilities for exp: bank ,cash ,loan, creditors ,building

personal accounts means: Dr. the receiver and Cr. the giver
in which includes all companies

nominal accounts means: Dr.all expenses and losses and Cr. are all income and gains

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Answered On : Jul 25th, 2012

Personal A/c means A A/c which related to a person.

There are two types, Neutral Person(Rams A/c, Mohans A/c etc.) And Artificial person(With related to a group of person or firm for example( Pacl India Ltd,Indian Banks, Life Insurance corporation).

Real A/c means that A/c related to Property and assets which are owned by the business. (for e.g. building land, goodwill, purchase etc.)
Nominal A/c :These A/c are no existence and shape. Income, expenses, gain and losses of business concern.for e.g.(Salary A/c Dividend A/c.)

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Answered On : Apr 28th, 2014

Revenue comes under which account?

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Answered On : Sep 3rd, 2014

Personal account deals with the persons, organizations
Real account deals with feel and touch
Nominal account deals with the intangible and unable to feel and see.

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