Testing Estimations: What are the approaches for giving testing estimations

Can any body tell me how a test engineer gives testing estimations of efforts and time?

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There are different approaches but below mentioned two are widely used.
1. Unit Complexity
2. Function Point Analysis

Unit Complexity: The requirements are granularized into use cases and then each use case is defined as Simple, Medium and Complex. Define the time for Simple Complexity and multiply by 2 for Medium and multiply by 3 for complex. Eg: You have 3 use cases, one is simple, second is medium and third is complex. You require 3 hours for simple, that means 6 hours for medium and 9 hours for comple. Total will be 18 hours of effort

Functional Point: The requirements are granularized and divided into function points. There are different factors that are taken into account.
1. External Input
2. External Output
3. Internal Configure File
4. External Interface Files
5. External Report

Function Point Analysis provide a more accurate estimate that Unit Complexity.

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