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Without using /,% and * operators. write a function to divide a number by 3.

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Nov 14th, 2007
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sarathi trichy

Answered On : Nov 29th, 2007

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#include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>void main(){int i,n;float j=0;clrscr();printf("enter the no");scanf("%d",&n);for(i=n;i>2;i=i-3){j=j+1;if(i==4){j=j+1.333333;}if(i==5){j=j+1.666666;}}printf("%f",j);getch();}

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Answered On : Dec 11th, 2007

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The number is N, the decimal places to which the division will be done is quot=0,remainder=0,rem=0;int x=0;Void DivisionBySubtraction(N,D){     while(N>=3)      {         N-=3;         ++quot;       }       if (N==0)             cout<<"quotient="<<quot;       else          {             while(x<D)                 {                    N*=10;                    while(N>=3)                         {  N-=3;                             rem++;                         }                      remainder = remainder*10+rem;                    if (N==0)                        break;                    ++x;                   }               }                             cout<<"remainder="<<remainder;}

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Answered On : Jul 15th, 2008

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Can we use logarithm."logarithm of a number-logarithm of 3".Taking antilog gives the result

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Answered On : Sep 10th, 2009

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 void dvdby3(int n){int count=0,rem;while(n>0){rem=n;//remindern=n-3;count++;}}

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Answered On : Dec 9th, 2010

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quo=-1;rem=0;//n the number enteredfor(i=0;i<=n;i+=3){quo+=1;}rem=n-i+3;printf("%d is the quotient n%d is the remainder",quo,rem);

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Int quoitent=-1, rem=0;int number;while(number>=0){    rem=number;    quoitent +=1;   //quoitent= quoitent+1;    number -=3;   //number=number-3;} 

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Alok Mishra

Answered On : Aug 4th, 2011

{geshibot language="c"}#include #include void main() { int i,n; float m,j=0; clrscr(); printf("enter the no"); scanf("%d",&n); if(n==1) { m=0.3333; printf("%f",m); } if(n==2) { m=0.6666; printf("%f",m); } if(n >= 3) { for(i=n;i>2;i=i-3) { j=j+1; if(i==4) j=j+1.333333; if(i==5) j=j+1.666666; } printf("%f",j); } getch(); } }{/geshibot}

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