What different kinds of SQL you can write at the report level What is tabular SQL,Tabular Modal and Tabular Set

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Nageswara Rao Nandigam

  • Nov 11th, 2007

  There are two types of sql in Cognos Reportnet .They are Cognos Sql and Native Sql

Native Sql used for single datasource to import the meta data

Cognos Sql used for multiple data source to import the meta data

Tablur model:  It is the basic list query.It contain the data items,filters and child tablur objects.

Tablur SQL: We can write and edit our own SQL.

Tablur ref:  It is a shortcut to use another tablur object somewhere on another querywithin the same report specification.

Tablur Set: Tablur set returns a singleresultset using union,intersect and minus operators.

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  • Nov 23rd, 2007

1.Cognos SQL

By default, Framework Manager uses Cognos SQL to create and edit query subjects. Cognos SQL adheres to SQL99 rules and works with all relational and tabular data sources. Framework Manager generates the most optimized SQL possible. In this way, Cognos SQL is preferable. Because query subjects in Framework Manager are similar to views in databases, the SQL for each

query subject must conform to the SQL99 rules that apply to views.

2.Native SQL

Native SQL is the SQL the data source uses, such as Oracle SQL. You can not use native SQL in a query subject that references more than one data source in the project. SQL specified in Framework Manager and processed by the database, whether native or pass-through, must be completely self-contained. It must not reference anything outside that SQL, such as database prompts, variables, or native formatting that would normally be supplied by the calling application.

3.Pass-Through SQL

Pass-through SQL lets you use native SQL without any of the restrictions the data source imposes on subqueries. This is because pass-through SQL query subjects are not processed as subqueries. Instead, the SQL for each query subject is sent directly to the data source where the query results are generated.

I think some body wrote about sql is wrong.

tabular model

An object that you can use to select query items for a report. A tabular model defines a simple list query. In the XML code for report specifications, tabular model is represented by the tabularModel element.

tabular reference

An object that you use to reference the tabular object of another query within the same report. In report specifications, it is represented by the tabularReference element.

tabular set

An object that merges rows from two tabular objects, usually tabular models. A tabular set

produces a single result set using union, intersect or except (minus) set operators.

In report specifications, tabular set is represented by the tabularSet element.

tabular SQL

An object that you use to specify a SQL statement that returns a result set. The SQL statement may be expressed by using syntax recognized by the native database, or by using Cognos SQL syntax.

In report specifications, tabular SQL is represented by the tabularSQL element.


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