ASP.NET - Addition of two numbers

For that I created two text boxes tbNum1 and tbNum2 and a button btnAdd. So Question is I have to create one class ,and in this class I have to declare properties for getting values. and in button_Click event I have to access the property value and assign the result to another text box. I can use property only not methods. how to do this. pls explain with codes

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you could do that by passing parameters.

For example if u have got two numbers 1 and 2 now u need to pass that values by parameter to that class where u do the arithmatic operation and from that class u need to get the reult and that has to be dispalyed.

            I should be always you to code first and if any problem arises then u could consult any one u can't get spoon feeding in a software development.If you dont do on your own then you will not be able to learn.

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  • Jul 19th, 2011


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