Test cases for Document scenarios

Hi Any one is to define test cases for this this scenarios.

Scenario 3: Local File Store Document - Add, Retrieve, Open, Print, Email, Delete
a) A Document Author adds a Word document to a local file store via a Workplace Entry template, using at least one property with a choice list.
b) The Document Author retrieves the document via a Workplace Search template using a value from the choice list.
c) The Document Author successfully opens, copies and prints the document, and emails both the document and its FileNet reference file to a Document Super User.
d) The Document Author tries to delete the document and is unsuccessful.

Original Scenario #: 7

Items Tested
TAM (access to Workplace)
Workplace Entry and Search templates
Interaction with Exchange/Outlook
Choice list integration
Print connection

Test Prerequisites
1. The “Document Author” security group exists.
2. A local file store has been created.
3. A local MS Word document exists.
4. An associated FNA file exists and is collocated.
5. A property template with a choice list exists.
6. An associated document class exists.
7. A document entry template with at least one choice list property exists.
8. A document search template with at least one choice list property exists.

Security Groups Involved: Document Author

Test Steps:
Step 1: C

Overall Test Scenario Results:


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