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What is Private IP? Give an example?

Asked by: harsha548 | Member Since Oct-2007 | Asked on: Oct 6th, 2007

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Three blocks of IP addresses are reserved for private use and are not routed over the Internet. Companies can assign these addresses to nodes on their private LANs at any time without conflict. EXAMPLE:::                                                              CIDRFrom              To                                    Representation10.0.0.0               10/8172.16.0.0               172.16/12192.168.0.0             192.168/16

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Answered On : Jun 2nd, 2008

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Private ip address basically used at with in the lan environment for mechine to mechine means depends up on the company with in the room .with in the floor or with in the building

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Answered On : Jul 16th, 2008

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The address which can't be routed through public (internet) are private ip addressesand it is scheam of saving public addressex:in class A range is10.0.0.0 to        

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Thomas Whitten

Answered On : Jun 27th, 2011

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In the WAN topology, a network is divided usually by the firewall into the 'outside' or public IP addresses and the 'inside' or private IP addresses.  The is done because public IP addresses (provided by the ISP) are expensive and running out (therefore the creation of IPv6).   The inside or private side can use virtually any IP addressing scheme but using class C is most typical in order to segment and not run out of IP addresses.  On the outside or public side, the firewall or router assigns a private IP to a public IP address for communication.  The one-to-one assignment is called NAT.  However, you can run out of outside (public) IP addresses.  Then you would use PAT or Port Address Translation so send connections out through the mutiple ports of just one IP address.

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