Only a 'Static' method can be called using delegate - True / False? Give Reason

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  • Dec 12th, 2007

I think the answer is "false".

Delegate is a type just like a class or a structure.

So, any number of methods that have similar format (return type and parameters) but with differet names as that of a delegate type, can all be treated as objects of a delgate type (Of course delegates are nothing but function pointers).

Their scope and visibility won't matter. For the matter of fact, even a private method of an object oA of a class A that is passed as a delegate to another object oB of class B, can be called with out any compile or run time problem. So this can be treated as a work around for accessing of private methods of an object from a different type object.

Does this make sense?

Cheers :)

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Naveen Shivanadri

  • Sep 18th, 2016

Using delegate, we can execute static method as well as instance method. By binding a method with delegate, we will use the instance if the method is instance method else method name if the method is static.


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