What is criteria for suspension of testing?

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  • Sep 22nd, 2007

Normally we have something called BAT which stands for Build Acceptance Test. In the BAT, we define some test cases which cover the main business flows of the software. If all test cases in the BAT are PASSED, then we continue to run more tests on it, otherwise we stop or suspend our testing.

You can consider that if the installer corrupted or any critical bugs which prevent your testing, you can suspend your test.

I would recommend that you should have the BAT.

Tam Bui

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  • Nov 19th, 2007

There could be many posssible conditions in order to suspend a Test:
1. When all the possible set of test cases have been executed.
2. The Defect rate has fallen down well.
3. The application seems to have been stable now.

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Testing can be suspended if any of the following condition occur.

1. Critical failures of the software preventing testing from continuing until the fault(s) are fixed.

2. An unacceptable level of Priority 1 and 2 faults raised that mean continuation of testing is of minimal value until a reasonable number of those faults have been rectified.

3. Inclusion of unauthorized changes or code delivered outside the agreed delivery mechanism

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Suspension can be from either side --> testing team or developing team.

1. A failure in application/system that has occurred, without fixing it, further testing cannot be done (like a server crash due to some input).

Some code that has to be immediately integrated (like a support component - Stub/driver) OR that needs immediate testing (so suspending to add more to application for further testing).

Some conflict with client about the actual requirements/Change in requirements etc.

Failure of Smoke testing on the application for the particular round of testing (if smoke testing fails the testing can be suspended till the quality of application fulfills the minimum requirement to perform testing on it).

Also, there can be many more reasons like these to Suspend testing. Above were some of them.

Kindly let me know if that was useful enough.

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