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How to Migrate reports from Cognos Impromptu 7.x to Cognos ReportNet

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 22nd, 2007
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Answered On : Aug 23rd, 2007

I think in my view to migrate a report from impromptu to report net the administrator must configure impromptu on reportnet server with proper credentials then only we can open and logon, we should log on to both other wise we can't

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Answered On : Mar 10th, 2009

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From Impromptu to Reportnet we use a migration tool called cattoxml which you can find after installation in cer2/../bin folder go to command prompt and give the path of the tool and say cattoxml the catalog file name (related to impromptu) and destination xml file name which would be output (you can select the location).  Then use this xml file by opening it in FWM selecting datasource as external or third party or xml file if
you have this option. Then create the model and its same as you do from here.

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