Write Test Cases on Mobile using Integration Testing and System Testing

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Test Cases for Mobile Phone

1.Check whether the mobile is switched on
2.verify whether the mobile is switched on else switch on the mobile
3.Check whether the mobile is connected with proper network
4.Check when the mobile is not connected with proper network kindly contact the customer care
5.Check whether the mobile has got enough battery
6.Check when the mobile has not gort enough battery kindly power on the mobile
7.Check whether the mobile is connected with prepaid or postpaid connection.
8.Check whether the mobile has got enough balance
9.Verify if the mobile has not got enough balance kindly recharge the mobile
10.Check when you press the keypad it displays as unlock the keypad
11.Check whether the display helps us to click the correct button to unlock the keypad
12.check whether the user clicks as per the direction given to him the key pad opens
13.Check now the user can type anything on the mobile whether it displays on the screen.
14.Check whether the user can call only to the valid numbers
15.Check if the user calls to invalid he hear the invalid numberbeep
16.Check whether the user type the valid numbers and presses call button it be connected

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Kiran Khandve

  • Jan 5th, 2017

These test cases does not relate with integration testing at all

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kajal dubey

  • Nov 4th, 2018

these all test cases is related to functional testing this is not integration testing

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