For what purpose, virtual user are created?

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Avinash Billore

  • Sep 7th, 2007

As per my understanding there are two ways to test the performance of your is in the production which is very difficult to improve the performance once your application goes into production and is possible with the help of solaris DTrace kind of facilities but not applicable to all projects.
Therefore we need a virtual real time environment with expected no of real time user which are created virtually on various load testing tools.

Avinash Billore

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Tanmay Bhide

  • Sep 24th, 2007

Virtual users help emulate real-world user actions and remove inconsistencies of load testing using real world users.

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  • Mar 14th, 2014

According to my knowledge we have to test the application with large number of users to test the its very tough to place large number of users at a same place and testing with application.In such a situation we need to use virtual users in the place of real users to simulate the real users behaviour.In any Performance Testing Tool we will use the same thing.

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