What is cyclo metric number?

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  • Nov 30th, 2007

Cyclomatic complexity is probably the most widely used complexity metric in software engineering.

How to calculate cyclomatic complexity?

CC = Number of decisions + 1

Thus, cyclomatic complexity equals the number of decisions plus one. What are decisions? Decisions are caused by conditional statements. In Visual Basic they are If..Then..Else, Select Case, For..Next, Do..Loop, While..Wend/End While, Catch and When. The cyclomatic complexity of a procedure with no decisions equals 1. There is no maximum value since a procedure can have any number of decisions.

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Cyclo metric complexity (Number) is software metric that provides
quantitative measure of the logical complexity of a program.

Cyclomatic complexity has a foundation in graph theory and provides us with
extremely useful software metric. Complexity is computed in one of the three

1. The number of regions of the flow graph corresponds to the Cyclomatic
2. Cyclomatic complexity, V(G), for a flow graph, G is defined as
V (G) = E-N+2Where E, is the number of flow graph edges, N is the number of flow
graph nodes.
3. Cyclomatic complexity, V (G) for a flow graph, G is also defined as:
V (G) = P+1Where P is the number of predicate nodes contained in the flow graph

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